Action for Sick Children First Contact Care Survey 2013

Action for Sick Children decided to conduct a survey of 2000 parents to ascertain their views on “When they first decide they are concerned about the health of their child and need to take their child to a health service professional. What actions/pathways do they take? What dictates their views and choices? Is this first contact acceptable and does it meet their needs? What changes would they like to see in the future?”

The first contact care survey was carried out by an independent company chosen with great care and consideration and the results of the survey and our recommendations are being shared with everyone on 18th June 2013 at The House of Commons.

For the first time parents / carers have been asked directly and placed in the spotlight and having their views taken seriously as to what action they take when their child is first ill. With all the debate now taking place, the Action for Sick Children survey gives parents and carers a “timely voice”.

The findings are therefore very pertinent. Parents / carers want to see a health professional in essence their family doctor when their child is ill. But above all else they need reassurance at all levels and to have professionals listen to them.

These are essentially the views of the parents/carers that have been obtained through the survey. Action for Sick Children feels that they must be taken into consideration, together with their recommendations and the recommendations of Action for Sick Children, by all professionals both medical and political when services for children are being established and commissioned. Alongside these recommendations from parents Action for Sick Children emphasises the necessity that all those working with sick children have training in child healthcare.

Action for Sick Children Charter For Children's Health Services